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"dedecms to help" was born in July 2014 (, to provide source share fine weave dreams and dreams to common site process solution summary for the main purpose.
 dedecms to help content involves: enterprise class dreams to the source code, the portal class dreams to the source code, and studio or blog, etc. Based on generic style such as dream weaving system.
Will weave a dream to help towards sharing, comprehensive, professional, depth, free of diverse direction development, to build practical and fast website building experience, to provide high quality service for members and users.
"Dreams to help" thanks to the countless attention and support our members and visitors, thank you for your trust. Young's dreams to help is willing to work with the same dynamic, you accompany each other, grow together!
The dreams to help only concentrate on doing one thing, is ready to complete dreams to the source code!
Dreams to help open station, although not accumulate too many users reputation and market share, but we have been trying to, keep updating every day good source in all walks of life, let the dreams to find the source code to weave the dream has become the habit of a lot of dreams to lovers.
Believe that through our efforts, the free dream weaving will be better and better!
Dreams to help without your participation, if you:
1. To sell their holdings of good source? Would like to welcome you here to share, will pay a certain amount of gold in return after review.
2. Seek dreams to the source code, is eager to get a change in corporate websites? Here may be able to solve your problem soon.
3. Looking for a web template favorites for their favorite source or template? Here is your choice.
4. Want to make more love dreams to the establishment of the source friend? Then come and share your source code, looking for like-minded friends.

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